Antiquorum’s Geneva, Hotel Des Bergues, 14th November 1993 Auction Totaled 11,838,272

The top lots for the auction are as follows:

LOT 136

The Masterpiece of L. Leroy for the Exposition universelle of 1878 An outstanding heavy gold pocket watch, with 11 complications made for Count Nicolas Nostitz, in an Exhibition case by J. Nodiot especially created for Carvalho Monteiro. S. Leroy A Paris -on dial. J. Nodiot, Fecit 1896 -on case.

Sold for 1,216,250.00 CHF

Estimate CHF 0 - 0  

LOT 24

Dennis Champion A Paris, circa 1660. An exceptionally fine gold and enamel savonette cased 'Blois' watch, with original fitted case.

Sold for 644,250.00 CHF

Estimate CHF 0 - 0  

LOT 14

F. Baronneau A Paris, circa 1640 A very rare and early large 'savonnette' cased gold and enamel Blois watch.

Sold for 583,750.00 CHF

Estimate CHF 0 - 0  

LOT 83

Ferdinand Berthoud No. 144, Invenit et Fecit 1753. Unique 18 ct. gold "Montre à Equation à Secondes concentriques, marquant les mois et leurs quantièmes", described in Essai sur l'horlogerie, chap. XIV, pp. 77-79, pl. XI.

Sold for 358,250.00 CHF

Estimate CHF 180,000 - 220,000  

LOT 25

Blois School circa 1650, movement signed Romilly A Paris, circa 1780. Exceptionally fine gold and enamel savonette cased 'Blois' watch, with purpose built movement by Romilly A Paris. Shagreen protecting case.

Sold for 314,250.00 CHF

Estimate CHF 0 - 0  

LOT 84

Ferdinand Berthoud, à Paris, No. 310, bearing the Paris hallmarks for 1758-1759. Extremely fine and unique, 20 ct. gold and enamel, dumb quarter-repeating, Montre à secondes qui va huit jours sans remonter, dont le régulateur est formé par deux balanciers qui font un battement à chaque seconde, constructed on the principle, described in Ferdinand Berthoud: Essai sur l'Horlogerie, published in 1786, pages 216 to 221, plate No. XXVII, fig. 6-7-8-9 and 10, the enamel painted by Hamelin.

Sold for 270,250.00 CHF

Estimate CHF 160,000 - 180,000  

LOT 31

Rousseau à Paris & Les Deux Freres Huaud Les Jeunes, circa 1700. A very fine 20 carat gold and enamel pendant watch.

Sold for 259,250.00 CHF

Estimate CHF 200,000 - 220,000  

LOT 188

Mugnier, Horloger de LL. MM. II et RR, No. 1167, circa 1812, Echappement par Winnerl. Extremely fine and unique 18 ct. gold, half quarter-repeating, self winding watch with power reserve indicator and chronometer escapement by Winnerl, in original red Morocco fitted box, marked with the gilt initial of Napoléon.

Sold for 259,250.00 CHF

Estimate CHF 0 - 0  

LOT 112

Robin, aux Galeries du Louvre, à Paris, circa 1780. Extremely fine and rare mahogany centreseconds regulator with equation of time, annual calendar, astrological signs, strike, and remontoir

Sold for 237,250.00 CHF

Estimate CHF 120,000 - 140,000  

LOT 162

Janvier, circa 1800. Very fine and rare mahogany, centre-seconds astronomical long case regulator.

Sold for 226,250.00 CHF

Estimate CHF 140,000 - 160,000