Antiquorum’s Vicenza, 18th January 1992 Auction Totaled ITL 1,912,143

The top lots for the auction are as follows:

Thumb 250

LOT 250

"The Heart" of Piguet & Meylan A Highly Important Gold,Enamel,Pearl and Turquoise-set Heart-shaped Quarter-repeating Musical Automaton Watch, made for the Chinese Market by Piguet & Meylan, Geneve, circa 1820.

Sold for ITL 709,000.00

Estimations :

ITL 0 - 0

Thumb 244

LOT 244

Extremely fine and rare, 18ct gold gentleman's wristwatch, with square button split-second chronograph register and tachometer.

Sold for ITL 159,000.00

Estimations :

ITL 170,000 - 190,000

Thumb 242

LOT 242

Very fine and rare, two time zone, 18ct gold gentleman's wristwatch, with three hands and an addional dial with applied gold indexes.

Sold for ITL 80,500.00

Estimations :

ITL 65,000 - 75,000

Thumb 241

LOT 241

Extremely fine and rare, rectangular curved, 18ct gold and "cloisonné" enamel gentleman's wristwatch.

Sold for ITL 74,750.00

Estimations :

ITL 45,000 - 50,000

Thumb 225

LOT 225

Cartier Paris, "Tonneau", No. 7562 , made in 1918. Extremely fine and rare, early, curved, tonneau shaped, platinum and 18 ct gold gentleman's wristwatch.

Sold for ITL 69,000.00

Estimations :

ITL 35,000 - 40,000

Thumb 245

LOT 245

Fine 60 hour going marine chronometer, with double barrel, in mahogany box, with original ratchet key.

Sold for ITL 46,000.00

Estimations :

ITL 25,000 - 30,000

Thumb 212

LOT 212

Very fine 18 ct. golcl and enamel, keyless pocket chronometer.

C. Four body massive "bassine et filet" the bezels with an engraved floral decoration, the cover with an extremely fine enamelled portrait of a Chinese gentleman painted in the manner of J. Graf, a red blue and white champleve enamelled monogram: "N.Y.T." on the polished back. Gold cuvette. D. White enamel with Roman numerals and sunk subsidiary seconds. Gold "spade" hands. M. 20— nickeled, "fausses côtes" decoration, 18 jewels, some in screwed settings, pivoted detent escapement with gold 'scape wheel, cut bimetallic balance, blued steel helical balance spring with terminal curves. Signed on the dial, case and movement. In very good condition. Diam. 55 mm.

Sold for ITL 43,700.00

Estimations :

ITL 25,000 - 30,000

Thumb 249

LOT 249

Breguet No. 3256, previously No.1840, bought back from Comte de Los Rios, sold to Combes Sieyes on November 19 th. 1818, for 2700 Francs.

Sold for ITL 39,100.00

Estimations :

ITL 28,000 - 32,000

Thumb 223

LOT 223

Cartier, France, No. 19619, 1920's. Fine and elegant "Art Deco" 18 ct. gold and enamel moon-stone set keyless dress-watch.

Sold for ITL 35,650.00

Estimations :

ITL 12,000 - 15,000

Thumb 171

LOT 171

L.D. Odobey à Morez - 1883.

Very important and attractive "petite sonnerie" horizontal tower clock with remontoire escapement, specially designed to be in display inside the building, with internai ancI external dials. Rectangular frame, supported by four polished steel columns. D. Internai, white enamel with Roman numerals. External lacking. Blued steel Napoleon III hands. Small subsidiary setting dial for the external hands, with bevel gearing transmission. M. Double horizontal train with the barrels mounted at each ends, pin-wheel anchor escapement with jewellecl pallets and 5" remontoir. " Petite sonnerie" on four bells with visible double rack mechanism. Second beating bimetallic pendulum with Ellicott type compensation in the bob . Set on a wooden base in a Iater specially macle glazed cage with brass mounting. Sold with four bells and hammers an with two weights. In very good condition. Dim. 164 x 90 x 40 cm Glass case: 173 x 110 x 66 cm Bells: No.1: 19 cm No.2: 21,5 cm No.3: 24 cm No.4: 33 cm

Sold for ITL 34,500.00

Estimations :

ITL 35,000 - 45,000