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Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces Hong Kong, Nov 27, 2016

TABLEAU À MUSIQUE French. Made circa 1860. Very fine, 8-day going, hour and half-hour striking musical clock painting, the music playing one of six tunes on demand.

Gilt wood framed oil on canvas, featuring a chateau with clock high by an Alpine river valley. White enamel, radial Roman numerals, outer minute track. Black steel hands. 11 cm.square, brass with going barrels both for the going and the striking trains, anchor escapement, brass bob pendulum with silk suspension, striking the hours and half-hours on a gong with count wheel on the back plate. 28 x 12 cm.musical movement, No. 9148, brass bed with pinned brass cylinder, playing six tunes on 80 tuned steel teeth in a single comb at will, brass fly governor, pull- stops for start/stop, tune change and continuation in the base.

HKD 43,000 - 58,000

USD 5,535 - 7,470

CHF 5,465 - 7,400

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