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Hong Kong, Mar 03, 2021


Decorative pocket watch; enamel in the manner of Jean-Louis Richter; yellow gold and enamel

HKD 23,500 - 47,000

CHF 2,800 - 5,500 / EUR 2,500 - 5,000 / USD 3,100 - 6,100

Sold: HKD 30,000

Yellow gold and enamel, open-face, key-winding, round-shaped, “Directoire” pocket watch.

Case-back painted on enamel on gold by an unidentified Genevan workshop, showing a young loving couple, on a royal blue flinqué enamel (translucent enamel over guilloché engine-turning); the painting on enamel on gold attributable to Jean-Louis Richter (1766-1841), Geneva.

Movement 17’’’, full plate, gilded brass, fusee and chain, verge escapement, monometallic balance (gilded brass) and blued steel flat hairspring, pierced and engraved gilded continental cock.

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Grading System
Grade: AA

Very good

Case: 3


Movement: 3 *
Dial: 3-01


HANDS Original

Brand Amalric Père & Fils, Paris

Year circa 1790

Movement No. 15 307

Case No. 15 307 (by “C F”, Geneva)

Material yellow gold and enamel

Diameter 49 mm.

Caliber 17’’’, fusee and chain, verge escapement

Signature dial and movement


Amalric, Abraham
Geneva, July 30, 1730 - Geneva, February 13, 1799

Abraham Amalric is the son of Jean-Abraham Amalric (1697-1768), from Morges (canton of Vaud), Regent of Writing, and Antoinette Combe (1698-1768).

A native of Geneva, he was received Bourgeois on July 6, 1770.

Abraham Amalric married Renée-Philippine Gandoz (or Gando; 1733-1799); the couple had eleven children, nine of whom reached adulthood :
· Ami (1756-1800), watchmaker; dies in Mainz (Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany).
· Antoinette-Jeanne (1757-?), who marries Jean Gros (?-?), maker of watch-cases; dies in Spain.
· Jean-Louis (1760-1837), watchmaker and tobacco merchant.
· David (1761-?); dies in Genoa (Liguria, Italy).
· Judith (1765-1843), who marries Paul-Jean Dunant (1760-?), watchmaker.
· David (1767-1827); watch merchant.
· Etiennette (1769-1838).
· Marie-Jacqueline (1772-1851).
· Louise-Isaline (1777-1852).

Abraham Amalric is a master watchmaker and watch and jewellery merchant. In 1767, he apprenticed Jules-Louis-Aimé Audéoud, son of André Audéoud.

Abraham Amalric is, between 1775 and 1784, associated with the Wiss brothers, Pierre-Isaac Wiss and Jacob Wiss. He then worked with two of his sons, Jean-Louis and David under the name “Amalric Père & Fils”. He died at the age of 68.

One of Abraham’s brothers, Pierre-Benjamin Amalric (1732-1796), was a watchmaker (died in Marseille, France), as was his son Jean-Abraham Amalric (1759-1842).

The production of these watchmakers was typical of that of their competitors in the Genevan fabrique at the time: simple watches, watches with quarter-repeater, watches of fantasy, mainly in gold and enamel.