Geneva, May 15, 2023

LOT 295

Attributable to Karl Griesbaum Singing-bird box; gilded metal

CHF 2,500 - 3,500

EUR 2,600 - 3,600 / USD 2,900 - 4,000 / HKD 22,100 - 31,000

In the style of the late 19th Century. Fine, repoussé gilded metal, singing bird box. Rectangular case with repoussé relief decoration of foliage and bird, the hinged bird cover cast , foliate engraved base.

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Grading System
Grade: AA

Very good

Case: 3-6-8


Slightly oxidized

Slightly scratched

Movement: 3


Brand Attributed to Griesbaum, Germany

Year Circa 1950

Material Gilded metal

Caliber 90 X 46 mm., going barrel, rectangular bellows, Griesbaum whistle, the bird’s rotating and moving wings, tail and beak, controlled by a rack and two cams mounted beneath the barrel, gilt brass grille engraved with foliage, activated by a bird-form slide in the side of the case.

Dimensions 100 X 63 X 39 mm.