The Sandberg Watch Collection

Hotel Richemond, Geneva, Mar 31, 2001

LOT 182

Breguet à Paris, No. 125, 5/85, movement completed in May 1785, can be identified as the watch sold to 'Monsieur Bailly' (English), in '25 Germinal An 5' (1797), bequeathed in 1817 to 'Son Excellence Monseigneur le Maréchal Duc de Coigny'.Very fine and extremely rare, early, 18 ct. gold, minute repeating watch, dumb and on gong.

CHF 60,000 - 80,000

USD 36,000 - 48,000

Sold: CHF 69,000

C. By Amy Gros. Three-body, consular, invisibly hinged, polished, engraved inside the back: 'Léguée par testament de S. Ex. Mer. le Maréchal Duc de Coigny, en date du 20 Novembre 1817'. Gilt brass English-type dust cap. D. White enamel, bold Roman chapters, outer minute ring, dial ring à bate levée. Gold 'beetle and poker' hands. M. 32 mm o, gilt brass full plate, with simple baluster cylindrical pillars, fusee and chain, cylinder escapement, steel escape wheel with separate thin bridge, plain bass three-arm balance, rectangular rim, continental cock pierced and engraved with four pairs of symmetrical scrolls, balance jewelled in settings, upper diamond endstone. The repeating mechanism is of Stogden type with gathering pallets being lifted when not striking, the hours are struck on a bolt in the case, the minutes on a single, rectangular, short gong, the governing pinion with round sleeve as a fly is set in eccentric, adjustable bushing to regulate the speed of striking directly fromhe hole and square on the dust cap, repeater activated by depressing the pendant.Signed on the dial, signed on the dust cap, signed and numbered on the back plate. Case stamped with the casemaker's mark and number, Paris Hallmarks for 1778, from French Fermier General Henri Clavel charge and discharge marks used between August 31, 1782, and February 23, 1789.Diam. 46 mm. Published in the Sandberg book, pages 168-169.

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Grading System
Case: 2

Very good

Movement: 2*

Very good

Overhaul recommended, at buyer's expense

Dial: 2 - 01


This is a 1st series movement left unfinished, and completed and sold at a later date.A very similar gold minute repeating watch, No. 128 5/85, is described and illustrated in 'The Art of Breguet', by George Daniels, page 140, fig. 70 a-c.Breguet Abraham LouisFor a biography, see page 229.