Geneva, May 15, 2023

LOT 330


CHF 40,000 - 60,000

EUR 40,700 - 62,000 / USD 45,100 - 68,000 / HKD 354,000 - 540,000

Sold: CHF 65,000

Made for the Chinese market.
Very fine 18K gold and enamel centre-seconds watch, with duplex escapement.
Pendant and bow with champleve enamelled decoration, the back enamel panel with a fine painted scene depicting a nobleman helping his loved one to cross the stream. Hinged polished-gold cuvette with bright cut and engraved decoration.

Grading System
Case: 2-24

Very good

Slightly chipped

Movement: 2*

Very good

Overhaul recommended, at buyer's expense

Dial: 3-01


HANDS Original

Brand Edouard Juvet, Switzerland

Year 1870

Movement No. 46343

Case No. 46343

Material 18K yellow gold

Diameter 57 mm.

Caliber 22''', 6 jewels, gilt-brass, fully engraved, Chinese caliber with free standing barrel, single wheel duplex escapement, five-arm polished-steel balance, ruby end-stone, flat balance spring with regulator.

Signature Movement


Edouard & Léo Juvet One of the important Swiss horological families working for the Chinese market. Edouard Juvet (1820-1883) was first established in Buttes in 1842, but in 1844 moved his workshop to Fleurier. He began making ''Chinese'' watches in 1856. Edouard's sons Ami-Louis and Léo traveled to China to work in the family firm. When Ami-Louis died there, Léo (1848-1891) took his place. In Shanghai, the Juvets were rivaled only by the Bovets, yet the two families maintained friendly relations. The Maison Juvet prospered, opening branches in Tien-Tsin and Saigon, to the extent that in 1872 Léo wrote : "Our watches sell like salt". In 1873, Edouard Juvet registered a trademark in Chinese characters, which was used on the company's products. He granted his son Léo power of attorney in November 1875, and after his death in February 1883, Léo succeeded him at the head of the firm.


Property of a Swiss gentleman