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Geneva, May 09, 2021

LOT 92


CHF 6,000 - 10,000

HKD 48,000 - 80,000 / USD 6,000 - 10,000

Sold: CHF 20,625

Very fine, large, hunting-cased, keyless, minute-repeating, 18K yellow gold pocket watch with perpetual calendar, moon phases and chronograph register. Minute-repeater on two steel gongs (activated by the rectangular push-piece located on the case-band at 6 o’clock), chronograph (activated by the rectangular push-piece located on the case-band at 4 o’clock).

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Grading System
Grade: AA

Very good

Case: 2

Very good

Movement: 3*


Overhaul recommended, at buyer's expense

Dial: 2-71-01

Very good


HANDS Original

Brand Fix Watch Co.

Year Circa 1910

Case No. 50711

Caliber 21’’’, gilded brass, going barrel, straight-line lever escapement, compensated balance with gold poising screws and blued steel hairspring with terminal curve

Dimensions 56 mm

Signature Dial, case and movement

Accessories Original box


Charles Barbezat-Baillot, Le Locle
The company “C. Barbezat-Baillot” was founded by Charles Barbezat-Baillot (1847-1938). He was the elder brother of Henri Barbezat-Bôle (1851-1921), the founder of “H. Barbezat-Bôle S.A., Le Locle”.
Charles Barbezat-Baillot is the holder of many invention patents related to watchmaking and registers numerous trademarks: “Trusty”, “Le Phare”, “Dixi”, “Fix Watch Co.”, etc.
El Trust, Joyero y Relojero Internacional, Madrid
This Madrilenian watchmaking and jewellery (Puerta del Sol, No. 12) is managed in the early 20th century by D. Modesto Largo Alvarez. It then markets exclusively for Spain the watches “Fix Watch Co.”, a registered trademark of the Charles Barbezat-Baillot (1847-1938) company of Le Locle (co-founded in the 1870’s, with Henry Guye (1838 -1877), under the name “Guye & Barbezat”).
This house is then known worldwide for its pieces “Le Phare” (The Lighthouse), fitted with its centrifugal force regulator for repeater (Swiss invention patent No. 334, dated January 8, 1889, for “Perfectionnements apportés à la construction des mécanismes de répétition pour montres de poche de toutes dimensions” (Improvements to the construction of the mechanisms of repetition for pocket watches of all sizes), several times award-winning invention, at the Swiss National Exhibition in Geneva in 1896, the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1900, etc.).
It’s probably following a commercial contract that the Le Locle company then provides this retailer with the best of its production, including models with minute-repeater, chronograph with recorder and perpetual calendar or triple date.
In the 1920’s, this Spanish retailer (who also opened a store in San Sebastian in the Basque-Country) offers his customers watches by Longines (including pocket watches with minute-repeater on three gongs, known as Carillon or Chime) and by Patek Philippe, manufacture of which it is still depositary in the 1950’s. Meanwhile, with the War of Spain, this retailer emigrated in 1936, in Argentina, in Buenos Aires. The house is then in the hands of C. Pellegrini, Esq. Corrientes.