Geneva, May 08, 2022

LOT 272


CHF 20,000 - 30,000

EUR 19,800 - 29,700 / USD 21,500 - 32,200 / HKD 170,000 - 254,000

Sold: CHF 32,500

Very fine and rare, gilt silver and enamel top-winding singing bird box.
Rectangular shaped with rounded corners and engine-turned florally engraved curved sides, the top has each corner painted on enamel with flower bouquets of joined by champlevé blue and white enamel, white champlevé enamel around the aperture for the bird finished with raised chased frame, the oval bird cover painted on enamel with a view of a lake in the mountains , bottom engine-turned and engraved florally with mirror polished inside, slide in the front to activate the raising of the bird, which rotates, turns its head, opens its beak, flaps its wings and moves its tail.

Grading System
Grade: AAA


Case: 3-6-32


Slightly oxidized

Slightly restored

Movement: 3*


Overhaul recommended, at buyer's expense

Brand Frères Rochat, Switzerland

Year Circa 1850

Caliber rectangular brass, fusee and chain, eight cams and a whistle with sliding piston for the song?s modulation. The cams rotate four times per song and lift one step every rotation, allowing a long duration of singing. Cam-controlled raising of the bird medallion and the bird, with five-wheel train finished by a pinion in eccentric bushing to regulate the speed of the opening and closing. The complicated mechanism allows for precision control of the raising of the bird and medallion, and its speed.

Dimensions 95 X 60 mm.

Signature Movement