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Hong Kong, Apr 28, 2019

LOT 593


HKD 235,000 - 400,000

CHF 30,000 - 50,000 / USD 30,500 - 50,500

Sold: HKD 312,500

21K yellow gold and enamel, open-face, key-winding, “Bassine”- shaped, pocket watch. Polychrome dial with Roman numerals and, in the centre, a scene showing Diana, the Roman goddess of the hunt, the Moon and nature, who after going down to earth, looks at Acteon, a sleeping young hunter, kisses her and falls in love with him (after Ovid’s Metamorphoses), unless it is the story of Diana and Endymion the shepherd; single diamond-set silver hand. Case-back painted on enamel on gold showing a young woman who makes drink a young warrior, using an ewer, so that he can refresh himself, … unless it is wine in order to inebriate him, signed “Huaud / le puis né / fecit”, by Jean-Pierre Huaud (1655-1723), Geneva. Inside the case-back, a scene that can be inspired by an engraving of Gabriel Perelle (1603-1677).

Grading System
Case: 3-71



Movement: 3*


Overhaul recommended, at buyer's expense

Dial: 3-01


HANDS Original

Brand Joseph Norris

Model the enamel by Jean-Pierre Huaud, le puisné, Geneva

Year circa 1685

Calibre  14''', full plate, gilded brass, with fusee and chain, verge escapement, monometallic balance (steel) and blued steel flat hairspring, pierced and engraved gilded continental cock

Material 21K yellow gold and enamel

Caliber 14''', full plate, gilded brass, with fusee and chain,verge escapement, monometallic balance (steel)and blued steel flat hairspring, pierced and engravedgilded continental cock

Dimensions Ø 39.5 mm

Signature case and movement


This is one of the earliest watch cases painted by Jean-Pierre Huaud and one of few surviving works in such exceptional condition. If the movement is signed in Amsterdam, it’s clear it was made in Geneva. There are several indications of this: first, the extreme sophistication of the movement, for which Genevan watchmakers were famous; secondly, the movement features elements common to other Genevan watches, very unusual pillars and a typical manner of finishing the wheels and the fusee, as well as the characteristic shape of the cock. It was a common practice at the time for watchmakers to order complete watches from the Genevan masters and to be signed by the one who was going to market them. Norris, Joseph (1649-1727) Joseph (or Josephus) Norris was born in 1649 in Abington, England. He is apprenticed to his older brother, Edward Norris then, towards 1668, leaves for Amsterdam with Ahasuerus Fromanteel (1607-1693). He becomes the best English watchmaker in Holland. He returned in 1692 in his hometown where he died in 1727. He was part of the Anabaptist “sect” and was a member of Lothbury’s watchmaking group in London, which appears to have been anti-royalist. Norris became known for producing a miniature movement of only 13.7 mm. (private collection), proving that he could be counted amongst a very small number of watchmakers (including Johann Ulrich Schmidt of Augsburg) whose mechanical miniaturization skills were unequalled at the time. The Huaud (or Huaut) The best known and most prolific family of enamel painters of their day. They descended from a family of goldsmiths in Châtellerault, France. The father, Pierre (I) Huaud (1612-1680), was a protestant who emigrated to Geneva, where he became a “habitant” in 1630. He finished his apprenticeship as a goldsmith with Laurent Légaré in 1634, and soon after became Master goldsmith. In 1661, he served an apprenticeship in enamel painting with Jean André (1646-1717). Three of his eleven children became enamel painters as well. Pierre (II) Huaud (1647-c.1698) was apprenticed to his father. In 1685-1686 he went to Berlin to work in the service of the Brandenburg Elector. After a brief stay there, he returned to Geneva in 1686. Pierre (II) went back to Germany at the end of 1689, and in 1691 he was named painter-miniaturist to Frederick I of Prussia (1657-1713), who was (as Frederick III) Elector of Brandenburg (1688-1713) and first King of Prussia (1701-1713) and from 1707 prince of the Principality of Neuchâtel (Switzerland). Jean-Pierre Huaud (1655-1723) and his brother Ami Huaud (1657-1724) became partners from 1682 to 1688. As was their older brother, they were also appointed painters to the Court of the Brandenburg Elector in 1686, and went to Berlin where they lived and worked until 1700, at which point they returned to Geneva. Although much of their work was done in partnership, they also often worked alone. Their work was sought after by watchmakers from all over Europe. Some examples of watches signed by the Huauds are kept today in the Patek Philippe Museum and the Musée de l’horlogerie et de l’émaillerie in Geneva and other museum around the world, as the Musée international de l’horlogerie in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Le Louvre in Paris, the British Museum in London, etc. Watches signed by (or formerly attributed to) the Huauds are now highly sought after by collectors, see: - Antiquorum, Geneva, auction, May 13, 2007, lot 595, sold for the amount of CHF 169 750.- - Antiquorum, Geneva, auction, November 12, 2006, lot 46, sold for the amount of CHF 56 640.- - Antiquorum, Geneva, auction, April 12, 2003, lot 492, sold for the amount of CHF 57 500.- - Antiquorum, Geneva, auction, April 13, 2002, lot 598, sold for the amount of CHF 223 500.- - Antiquorum, Geneva, auction, March 31, 2001, lot 08, sold for the amount of CHF 57 500.- - Antiquorum, Geneva, auction, November 13, 1999, lot 05, sold for the amount of CHF 113 500.- - Antiquorum, Geneva, auction, November 13, 1999, lot 07, sold for the amount of CHF 82 700.- - Antiquorum, Geneva, auction, April 18, 1998, lot 195, sold for the amount of CHF 91 500.- - Antiquorum, Geneva, auction, October 12, 1996, lot 640, sold for the amount of CHF 86 000.- - Antiquorum, Hong Kong, auction, June 17, 1994, lot 324, sold for the amount of HK$ 638 250.- - Antiquorum, Geneva, auction, November 14, 1993, lot 30, sold for the amount of CHF 160 250.- - Antiquorum, Geneva, auction, November 14, 1993, lot 31, sold for the amount of CHF 259 250.- - Antiquorum, Geneva, auction, November 17, 1992, lot 459, sold for the amount of CHF 204 250.-