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Hong Kong, Dec 05, 2021

LOT 225


HKD 50,000 - 100,000

EUR 5,700 - 11,300 / CHF 6,000 - 11,900 / USD 6,500 - 12,900

Sold: HKD 93,750

Very fine , limited, key- wind, gold-plated, palladium-plated, black polished and satin-finished, sandblasted, 40 days double power-reserve indicator & double retrograde second table clock

Grading System
Case: 2

Very good

Movement: 1*

As new

Overhaul recommended, at buyer's expense

Dial: 1-01

As new

HANDS Original

Brand L'Epée

Model Le Duel Black Pearl, 40 Days Power Reserve

Reference 50.6595/201

Year Circa 2019

Movement No. 5 barrels , 46 jewels

Case No. 029/250

Caliber 2010

Dimensions 177 x 207 x 100 mm

Signature Case, Dial and Movement


This resolutely contemporary collection brings together tradition and fine watchmaking with an array of visual effects. From top to bottom, the eye is
drawn first to the regular oscillations of the Incabloc escapement balance wheel, under which the two sword-shaped retrograde second hands spring
back every twenty seconds. Next, the eye comes to rest on the five-barrel movement and its fascinating dance of geartrains, followed by the two more
solemn power reserve hands. The mechanism is protected by a glass case, and presented simply on its base. The hours and minutes are displayed at
the center of the clock via two diamond-cut beveled hands. Reading the time is facilitated by the addition of a 3 and a 9, evoking the establishment of
the brand in (18)39.
The double retrograde seconds: The double retrograde second hands placed at twelve o'clock, above the hours and minutes display, are two
swords that gradually approach and cross over a 20-second period, before snapping back to the vertical to take up the “en garde” position. This
20-second cycle has been made possible by the addition of geartrains to the basic Duel movement. Thus 327 gear teeth are required to operate the
double retrograde seconds’ animation.
The double power reserve animation: The two power-reserve hands, placed at six o’clock at the bottom of the movement, move simultaneously
from 1 to 0. They rotate through 300° and indicate the remaining autonomy. When the swords are crossed and pointing to the 1, the power reserve is
at its maximum. When they cross again, pointing downwards to the 0, it is time to wind the movement!