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Geneva, May 14, 2017

LOT 221

LIODET, GRANDE ET PETITE SONNERIE J. Liodet, Geneva, No. 631, circa 1860. Extremely fine and very rare 18K gold, triple-train quarter-repeating, Grande & Petite Sonnerie clockwatch with visible works.

CHF 15,000 - 25,000

HKD 120,000 - 200,000 / USD 15,000 - 25,000


Sold: CHF 45,000

Four-body, "bassine et filets"; florally chased and engraved band and bezels; guilloché engine-turned à grains d'orge covers borders; case-back with a taille-douce engraved rococo floral and foliate boarder frame, with inside a lakeside painted on enamel partly in grisaille showing the Mont-Blanc view from Bellerive, near Geneva, a stone bridge in the foreground and a tree to the right, boat and ships on the Léman (Geneva lake) and mountains in the background, the sky with translucent guilloché engine-turned background imitating the rays of rising sun; hinged gold cuvette (back-dome) with guilloché engine-turned and engraved decoration, with two winding and one setting apertures; Grande / Petite Sonnerie lever, strike / silent lever under the bezel. Silver, champlevé radial Roman numerals, outer minute divisions, taille-douce engraved foliate decoration. Gold Breguet hands. Blued steel central seconds hand. 45 mm., full plate, matte gilt brass, turned pillars, two barrels for the going and striking trains, ruby duplex escapement, polished steel three-arm balance, blued steel balance-spring, polished steel escape wheel; lever for change from Petite to Grande Sonnerie extending into the case at 1 o'clock, striking / silence lever at 10 o'clock; repeating train from the same barrel as striking, striking and repeating works mounted on the back plate allowing viewing the action; striking and repeating on two gongs; repeating activated by turning the button in the pendant

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Grading System
Case: 3-8


Slightly scratched

Movement: 3*


Overhaul recommended, at buyer's expense

Dial: 3-01


HANDS Original


Signed on the cuvette (back.dome). DIAM. 59 mm. The ébauche of the movement, typical of the Neuchâtel mountains area with its en vue visible works, can be attributed to Augustin Perret, from Le Locle (see: Antiquorum, Geneva, auction, October 21, 1995, lot 486). The painting on enamel scene can be attributed to the workshop of Gaspard Lamunière (1810-1865), from Geneva, the greatest painter of this time. Liodet, J., Geneva Various watchmakers bearing the surname of Liodet are listed in Geneva between the years 1790 and 1860. Our watch is probably the work of Jean-Louis Liodet, watchmaker and merchant of horology, established place de l'Ecu (circa 1840-1850), then rue du Rhône 64 (mentioned in 1857), then Manufacturer of watchmaking and jewellery, rue du Rhône 162 (circa 1860-1870), Lamunière, Gaspard (Geneva, May 15, 1810 - Nice, April 6, 1865) Painter and enameller, practicing oil painting and painting on enamel, portraitist and master of enamelling workshop. Pupil of Joseph Hornung (1792-1870) and Jean-Léonard Lugardon (1801- 1884). He opened a workshop where he worked with his wife Louise Franel (1819-aft.1865), then his niece. He exhibited in Geneva at the age of 18 (Geneva, Société des Arts, June 1828, No. 21, ''Two copies of enamel portrait'') and then regularly series of portraits painted on enamel or in oil. He has many pupils, both in the field of enamel painting and in oil painting: Françoise (so-called Fanny) Chatel (1832-1874); Philippe Prochietto (know as Prochet, 1825-1890); Jean-Marc Baud (1828-1907); Jules Crosnier (1843-1917); Edouard Ravel (1847-1920); etc. Liodet, J., Genève Divers horlogers portant le patronyme de Liodet sont répertoriés à Genève entre les années 1790 et 1860. Notre montre est probablement l'oeuvre de Jean-Louis Liodet, fabricant et marchand d'horlogerie, établi place de l'Ecu (vers 1840-1850), puis rue du Rhône 64 (mentionné en 1857), puis Fabriquant d'horlogerie et de bijouterie, rue du Rhône 162 (vers 1860-1870). Lamunière, Gaspard (Genève, 15 mai 1810 - Nice, 6 avril 1865) Peintre et émailleur, pratique la peinture à l'huile et sur émail, portraitiste et maître d'atelier d'émaillerie. Elève de Joseph Hornung (1792-1870) et Jean-Léonard Lugardon (1801-1884). Il ouvre un atelier où il travaille avec sa femme Louise Franel (1819-ap.1865), puis sa nièce. Il expose à Genève, dès l'âge de 18 ans (Genève, Société des Arts, juin 1828, No 21, "Deux copies de portraits en émail"), puis régulièrement des séries de portraits peints sur émail ou à l'huile. Il a de nombreux élèves, tant dans le domaine de la peinture sur émail que dans celui à l'huile : Françoise (dite Fanny) Chatel (1832-1874) ; Philippe Prochietto (dit Prochet ; 1825-1890) ; Jean-Marc Baud (1828-1907) ; Jules Crosnier (1843-1917) ; Edouard Ravel (1847-1920) ; etc. To be sold without reserve