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Geneva, Hotel Des Bergues, Oct 21, 1995

LOT 11

Joseph Munday, Londini, circa 1665. Fine and rare silver pair cased, moon phase astronoinical pre-balance spring watch.

CHF 24,000 - 26,000

Sold: CHF 23,000

C. Outer double body, polished, marked "I.E.". hmer double body, bassine, polished with split bezel and loose-ring pendant. D. Small silver eccentric with Roman numerals, the centre pierced and engraved with strawberry flowers. Blued steel single hand. Small subsidiary silver dial for date, month, the signs of the Zodiac and time of the London tides. Matt gilt brass dial-plate with hands pointing to the apertures for days of the week with their corresponding planet symbols, phase and age of the moon. M. Hinged gilt brass full plate with early Egyptian pillars, three wheel short train, fusee with gut-line, verge escapement with steel two-arm balance without spring, worm-and-wheel set-up with pierced blued steel brackets and silver regulator dise, gilt brass florally pierced and engraved cock secured by a screw. Signed on the back plate. In good condition. Diam. 56 mm.

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Note: Watches giving the time of the London tides are extremely rare. They were made for navigators who needed to know the appropriate time for navigation on the Thames of which the flow varies according to the tides.