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Geneva, Hotel Des Bergues, Oct 21, 1995


Robert Grinkin, circa 1625. Fine and rare early gilt brass and silver prebalance spring watch.

CHF 24,000 - 26,000

Sold: CHF 23,000

C. Oval double body , the silver band with foliage decoration, the outer cover engraved with the arms of John Stephens, Attorney general to Henry Prince of Wales and Charles I and the inner face with a laurel wreath. D. Silver chapter ring with Roman numerals applied on the gilt brass dial-plate engraved with inhabited foliage. Elaborate blued steel single hand. M. Hinged gilt brass oval full plate with round baluster pillars, the back plate with engraved foliate band on the border, fusee with gut-line, verge escapement, plain steel twoarm balance without spring, irregular florally pierced gilt brass cock secured by a pin, ratchet wheel set-up with matching cock. Signed on the back plate In good condition. Dim. 58 x 35 mm.

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Note: An almost identical watch by the saure maker is described and illustrated in T.P. Camerer Cuss, ( rev. by T.A. Camerer Cuss), The Camerer Cuss Book of Antique Watches, 1976, pp. 58-59, pl. 11. Literature: Richard Good, «A pre-balance spring horizontal table Clock with hour-striking and alarum by Robert Grinkin of London», Antiquarian Horology, xiv, 1986, 381-85. J.H. Leopold, «Clockmaking in Britain and the Netherlands», Notes & Records of the Royal Society of London, 43, 1989, 155-65 (p 158).