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Geneva, Hotel Des Bergues, Oct 15, 1994

LOT 87

Bourdier à Paris, circa 1820. Escapement by Ls. Tavernier, Invenit 1819. Unusual and extremely rare ormolu and blue Turquin, hour and half hour striking " portique" eight day going mantie clock with double calendar and experimental escapement.

C. Set on four gilt bronze paws, the rectangular marbIe base with a gilt bronze drawer on the face applied with a frieze of foliage and a location for the key on the top, with a gilt bronze cover decorated with leaves and entrelacs. The movement is supported by two candlestick marbIe columns, a fir cone at the top. D. GiIt brass engine-turned with Roman numerals, outer minute ring and inner date and day rings. Blued steel Breguet hands. M. Brass circular full plate with cylindrical pillars, fusee with chain, platform escapement with very unusual frictionnai rest escapement of Debaufre type with twin escape wheel and single jewelled pallet on the balance staff, plain steel three-arm balance, with flat balance spring and diamond end-stone. Striking on a bell, the striking train with going barrel and count wheel on the back plate. Signed on the dial and on the platform escapement. In good condition. Dim. 38 x 28 x 13 cm.

CHF 12,000 - 15,000


This escapement could have inspired Paul Garnier for the escapement he devised for carriage clocks in 1830.