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Geneva, Hotel Des Bergues, Apr 25, 1993

LOT 346

Pierre Vernede A Bourdeaux (sic), French, circa 1640. Exceptionally rare and fine gold and enamel `Blois' watch.

CHF 80,000 - 120,000

Sold: CHF 259,250

C. Two part, the back entirely decorated on the exterior with turquoise blue enamel, the front edge of the band with formai motifs in slightly raised black and white, the back centred with a white flower bordered by a ring of polychrome summer flowers including sun flowers, tulips and irises. Interior with a lakeside landscape scene in pale pastel colours, the split ring bezel similarly enamelled to the case edge, loose ring pendant with matching flower top and green guilloche enamel body. D. Applied gold and enamel with white chapter ring, Roman numerals and half hour divisions, the centre of turquoise blue with decoration to match the bezel. Single engraved gilt metal hand. M. GiIt metal, the front plate with four locating lugs and engraved acanthus dial edge, turned vase pillars, extra flat and large barrel with fusee and gut, short train, verge escapement, plain steel balance without spring, finely pierced and florally engraved balance cock, the ratchet and wheel set-up regulator matching with blued-steel ratchet wheel and spring. Signed on the back plate. In very fine condition. Diam. 53mm.

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Pierre Vernede is recorded as working in Agen in 1630. The town of Agen is approximately half way between Toulouse and Bourdeaux and it therefore seems likely that he may have moved to the latter at some date. This watch belongs to a small group of Blois type watches with cases enamelled in pale blue. A detail which is both unusual and rare on this particular example is the landscape on the interior; on the rnajority of examples known the interior is also blue to match the back and dial. The pale colours used for the landscape are reminiscent of early works from Blois dating from before 1640.