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Geneva, Hotel Des Bergues, October 17, 1992

LOT 162

Anonymous, Dieppe, l8th. century Ivory diptych dial in the manner of Charles Bloud.

Upper leaf: Exterior with a wind-rose and inclined pin gnomon sun-dial. Interior with inset pewter lunar and calendar volvelle. and scale for degrees of latitude for the inclined dial. Lower leaf (cracked): Interior with stamped scale for the horizontal string gnomon dial, centre with inset magnet compass with paper rose, scale of latitudes for various French towns and adjustable pewter chapter-ring (later needle), folding brass arm to support the upper leaf. Exterior. with inset pewter perpetual calendar disk revolving to adjust chapter-ring. Compartment in the side to store pin gnomon. All surfaces with floral spandrel borders. In reasonable condition. Dims. 90 x 81 mm.

CHF 5,500 - 6,500

Sold: CHF 3,450