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Geneva, Hotel Des Bergues, October 17, 1992

LOT 22

Guillaume et Isidore Champion à Paris, circa 1720.

GiIt bronze Louis XIV oignon. Double body, oignon case, chased with scrolls, flowers and two greyhounds. Contemporary white enamel dial with Roman numerals. GiIt brass full plate movement with Egyptian pillars, fusee and chain, verge escapement, gilt brass cock, pierced and engraved with foliage, flowers and birds. Diam. 57 mm. Gaudron à Paris, circa 1700. Fine Louis XIV oignon movement with central winding, single hand and large gilt brass pendulum cock. Without dial. Diam. 46 mm. Lot of 2.

CHF 3,000 - 3,500

Sold: CHF 2,990