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Monaco, Sep 20, 2007


DeWitt and Jean-Michel Wilmotte. ?Incognito 2008? One-of-a-kind model.

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Sold: EUR 400,000

Time and creativity, the architectural work of the mind and of the hand, a construction in space embodying a vision of tomorrow... This "machine" of future time has been designed by two exceptional friends: a talented watchmaker and a renowned architect. Jérôme de Witt and Jean-Michel Wilmotte have melded their thoughts in developing a timepiece featuring unique design and resolutely avant-garde technology, created to celebrate the 5th anniversary of DeWitt. This embodiment of the Watchmaking Art is equipped with a flying tourbillon endowed with a 21-day power reserve. Presented in 5eptember in Monaco, Incognito 2008 will be unveiled in January 2008, to the delight of the collector who is willing to display unique trust - only to have his curiosity satisfied a few months later upon discovering a true masterpiece. This challenge, through which DeWitt makes its own original contribution, is dedicated to supporting the Monaco Association against Muscular Dystrophy.

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