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Geneva, Hotel Des Bergues, Apr 14, 1991

LOT 14

A Monsieur le Duc D'Aussana Watch No. 115, sold on 29 Vendémiaire an 8 (21 October 1799), for the sum of 2800 Francs. Gold watch with "à toc" quarter-repeating, constructed on the principals of the "gardetemps".

Case: 18 ct., three body polished, by Bapst, of typical garde-temps form, the back with a monogram "A.B.", surmounted by a ducal crown. Gilt metal cuvette signed: "Breguet, No. 115".
Dial: White enamel by Cavé, signed: "Breguet", with Breguet numerals, and early style "star" minute marks, subsidiary seconds, secret signature below "12" (small hairlines). Blued-steel Breguet hands.
Movement: Gilt brass, 22"', the dial plate signed: "Breguet, No. 115", full plate caliber with turned pillars, straight line lever escapement without draw of the first type, with jewelled pallets, slotted escape wheel teeth, three-arm bimetallic compensation balance of Arnold type, with the adjusting weights threaded onto the end of rim segments. Blued-steel helical balance spring with double terminal curves. Dumb repeating with a single hammer armed by depressing the pendant, with the speed adjustable by a small lever in the band.
In good condition. Diam. 55 mm.

CHF 70,000 - 90,000


Note: The type of lever escapement used in this watch is drawn and described in G. Daniels, The Art of Breguet, pp. 306, 307 although the banking fork is slightly different being off-set to one side of the lever tail. An all-or-nothing system is incorporated in the repeating train allowing the hammer to engage only when the pendant is fully depressed.