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Geneva, Hotel Des Bergues, Apr 14, 1991

LOT 16

A Monsieur l'Ambassadeur Turc. Watch No 248, sold in l'an 6 (1797 - 98), for the sum of 1200 Francs. Silver pair-cased coach watch with pull quarterrepeating and alarm. Decorated wood hanging stand.

Case: Three body, by Tavernier, No. 1313, the back pierced with roundels. The pair-case shellcovered (old cracks) with pin- work decoration.
Dial: White enamel, by Coteau, signed: "Breguet", with Turkish numerals. Blued-steel Breguet hands and concentric alarm pointer. Gilt metal dial plate, signed: "Breguet à Paris, No. 248".
Movement: Gilt brass, full plate caliber with tapered pillars, the back plate signed: "Breguet, No. 248", with verge escapement, three-arm plain brass balance, French cock pierced and engraved with scroll work, with polished steel end piece. Fixed barrel for the alarm and pull-wind repeating with two hammers on a large bell.
In good condition. Diam. 110 mm.

CHF 35,000 - 45,000

Sold: CHF 57,500


Literature: Illustrated and described in G. Daniels, The Art of Breguet, p. 128, figs. 124 a - c. lot 17 /46 21837/4
M O R A L I A L I EFFENDI ( ? - 1809) Born in Morée, he began his career in Istanbul in the Chancellery of the Sublime Porte. In response to the arrival of Marshal Sebastiani as French Ambassador, the Sultan of Turkey sent Ali Effendi to Paris in a similar capacity in 1796. After a stay of three years, he returned to Turkey and was put in charge of the Naval Shipyards, eventually becoming minister for the Navy, and making a substantial contribution towards the reform of the armed forces. Ali Effendi held several positions of importance during the reigns of both Selim IV and Mustafa IV, particularly during the negotiations of the Treaty with Napoleon. However, his arrogant nature eventually led to his being ordered away from Istanbul, and he was assassinated in 1809.