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Geneva, Hotel Des Bergues, Apr 14, 1991


A Monsieur E. Ericcen Watch No. 54, sold on 21 Vendémiaire an 11 (13 October 1802), for the sum of 1600 Francs. Gold watch, with jump hours and 10-minute repeating, using both a gong and the case block.

Case: 18 ct., two body, by Jeanneret, engineturned à grains d'orge, with reeded band, the back centred with an engraved monogram surmounted by a count's crown.
Dial: White enamel, by Borel, signed: "Breguet", with Breguet numerals and eccentric subsidiary seconds at "2", secret signature beneath "12" ( small chip). Gilt metal dial plate signed: "Breguet No. 54". Blued-steel Breguet hands.
Movement: Gilt brass, full plate, the inverted caliber similar to that used for the repeating garde-temps, with the barrel retained by a bridge; overhanging ruby cylinder escapement, three-arm plain brass balance, with parachute on the top pivot. Blued-steel flat balance spring with bimetallic compensation curb mounted on the regulator. Repeating the hours à toc, the hammer striking directly on the case, the same hammer striking the "10" minutes on a polished steel gong fixed to the interior of the case.
In good condition. Diam. 57 mm.

CHF 40,000 - 45,000


Note: This watch exhibits several interesting features. It is a typical example of the first watches produced by Breguet after 1790, which were such a distinct improvement on the work of contemporary watchmakers, and the movement caliber is of the type developed for the first repeating garde-temps watches. Furthermore the double system of repeating, dumb for the hours and on a gong for the fractions, is another example of Breguet's ingenuity. He was the first to use a gong fixed to the inside of the case and one of the very few watchmakers to make "10" minute repeaters. The gold case is also typical in style of the first garde-temps watches.