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Geneva, May 22, 2003

LOT 262

Attributed to Karl Griesbaum, Germany. Produced circa 1970. Fine, painted-on-enamel, gilt singing bird box.

USD 0 - 0

C. two-body, rectangular with rounded corners, side panels with painted-on-enamel rural scenes, set within a white and blue champlevé enamel pattern, bird cover painted with two shepherdesses and a gentleman offering a flower to one of them, the scene resumes on the top panel with a garden and ruins. M. rectangular brass, going barrel and rectangular bellow, the revolving bird with moving wings, beak and tail, controlled by two cams mounted beneath the barrel wheel, gilt brass grill pierced andengraved with flowers and foliage.Case stamped with trademark "EB".Dim. 104 x 66 x 45 mm.

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Grading System
Grade: A


Case: 3-6


Slightly oxidized

Movement: 3*


Overhaul recommended, at buyer's expense

Dial: Ð