Geneva, May 07, 2022

LOT 21

Property of a Swiss watch engineer

CHF 2,000 - 4,000

EUR 2,000 - 4,000 / USD 2,200 - 4,300 / HKD 16,900 - 33,700

Sold: CHF 5,000

A very fine, early, prototype, quartz stainless steel chronometer wristwatch with special case

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Grading System
Grade: A


Case: 3-8


Movement: 3*
Dial: 2-01

Very good

Brand Omega

Model Constellation Marine Chronometer

Reference 198.074/ 398.0836

Year circa 1970

Movement No. 00003799

Material stainless steel

Bracelet leather with a gold plated and stainless steel Omega deployant clasp

Caliber 1510

Dimensions 32 x 49 mm.

Signature Dial, case and movement


Consigned by a Swiss engineer that worked since the end of the 1960’s at Omega in R&D called SSIH, he worked at developing the first quartz wristwatches developed in Switzerland. During the seventies, the technology of integrated circuits featuring quartz with vibrating movements or not and its displays were advancing very rapidly making certain projects in development phases already absolete. Conceived in collaboration with the Battelle institute, the Marine chronometer became in 1974 the most precise wristwatch in the world.
Interestingly this example features a prototype movement number characterised by the four zeros in front of the movement number as well as a prototype case featuring a bevel on each sides designed to minimise wear on the shirts that was later abandoned on the production model. A rare piece that reflects the technological advances made by the watch industry in the quartz age. Please note that an extract from the archives will not be able to be delivered as these were never meant to be sold.