Geneva, Nov 06, 2021

LOT 173


CHF 25,000 - 45,000

HKD 212,000 - 380,000 / USD 27,100 - 48,800 / EUR 23,300 - 42,000

Sold: CHF 40,000

A fine, rare, manual wind, stainless steel chronograph wristwatch with orange hand.

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Grading System
Grade: AAA


Case: 3-8


Slightly scratched

Movement: 3*


Overhaul recommended, at buyer's expense

Dial: 3-8-01


Slightly scratched

HANDS Original

Brand Omega

Model “Speedmaster Professional” so-called “Ultraman”

Reference ST 145.012

Year circa 1968

Movement No. 26074110

Bracelet rubber leather Tropic strap; stainless steel Omega buckle

Diameter 39.7 mm

Caliber 321 (based on Lémania, L’Orient-de-l’Orbe, Vallée de Joux)

Signature dial, case and movement

Accessories Extract from the Archives


The Extract from the Archives (No. 42 471), dated September 8, 2021, mentioned that this watch was delivered on August 9, 1968, in Spain; with the remarks “Special model fitted with an orange chronograph hand”.
Omega, Ref. ST 145.012, “Speedmaster Professional” with orange chronograph hand, so-called “Ultraman” Recognizable among all “Speedmasters” thanks to its orange chronograph hand, the “Speedmaster” reference 145.012 takes its name from the hero of the Japanese television series Ultraman, created by the Japanese director Eiji Tsuburaya (1901-1970) – co-creator of the original series Godzilla –, probably a watch collector himself because many of his creations featured a lot of interesting watches. Indeed, during the episode “The Return of Ultraman” released in 1971, this model of “Speedmaster” had made its appearance in the series. Similar to a traditional “Speedmaster”, however, this watch had an orange central hand, matching the outfits of the scientific team behind the hero Ultraman.
The reference 145.012 was manufactured in 1968 in approximately 3 000 examples; the number of “Speedmaster” “Ultraman” remains unknown to this day, although very limited. Unconfirmed, it is said that less than 50 “Ultraman” watches are identified.
With the introduction of “Ultraman” “Speedy Tuesday” limited edition in the summer of 2018, interest in vintage “Ultraman” “Speedmasters” has increased considerably.
The model presented is preserved in a very good condition. Equipped with the famous confirming the presence of the orange chronograph hand.
The Extract from the Archives (No. 42 665), dated October 6, 2021, mentioned that this watch was delivered on May 7, 1968, in Italy; with the remarks “Special model fitted with an orange chronograph hand”.
It is surprising to note that a number of known “Ultraman” “Speedmaster” were issued in Sweden.
One of the most sought-after “Speedmaster” models!