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Hong Kong, Apr 21, 2018

LOT 69

PATEK PHILIPPE MINUTE-REPEATER YELLOW GOLD Very fine and rare, manual-winding, 18K yellow gold hunter case pocket watch with minute-repeating and hand-engraving case.

Brand Patek Philippe

Year Sold on May 1929

Numbers Case N. 271941, Movement N. 157342

Dimensions 55 mm.

Signature Dial, Case and Movement.

Accessories Original fitted box, certificate of origin and extra mainspring.

HKD 468,000 - 700,000

CHF 56,500 - 84,500 / USD 60,000 - 90,000

Grading System
Case: 2

Very good

Movement: 2*

Very good

Overhaul recommended, at buyer's expense

Dial: 2-01

Very good

HANDS Original


This enamel dial minute repeat preserved in outstanding condition, come with original wooden box, original Patek Philippe certificate and extract from the archives. This watch is a beautiful example to represented Patek Philippe excellent craftsmanship at that time.18K Yellow gold satin-finished case engraved with a romantic story scene, a gentleman with a sword, takes off his hat, greeting an elegant girl and asks if he may sit together with her on the bench, decorate with some roses and volutes on the edges. The inner case is engraved with the name of the recipient Luis P. Onetto, whose initials are engraved on the case back as well At that time , Patek Philippe's minute repeater pocket watches usually the case size are between 46 and 50 mm.with a Caliber size of 17''' to 19''' This example's case is 55mm., which is extremely rare in the market . To our best knowledge, only seven other watches of this size are existed and probably only 3 with decoration on the case. Possibly this is the only one with extraordinary gold engraved craftsmanship on the case.