Geneva, May 12, 2024

LOT 412


CHF 100,000 - 200,000

HKD 870,000 - 1,740,000 / USD 112,000 - 222,000 / EUR 102,000 - 204,000

Sold: CHF 206,250

A very attractive and unique, platinum, self winding tonneau-shaped, gentleman's wristwatch, with a unique bleu dial, applied gold Breguet numerals and the special logo with printed the initials of Michael S. Ovitz. Snap-on case-back. Perpetual calendar, date of the month, day of the week, month of the year, phases of the moon, four-year cycle of leap-years with a 24-hour (AM-PM) scale indication.

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Grading System
Case: 1

As new

Movement: 1*

As new

Overhaul recommended, at buyer's expense

Dial: 1-01

As new

HANDS Original

Brand Patek Philippe, Switzerland


Reference 3940P

Year Delivered in 2014

Movement No. 5738677

Case No. 4355500

Bracelet Leather qith a platinum Patek Philippe buckle

Diameter 36 mm.

Caliber 240 Q, 27 jewels

Signature Dial, case and movement


The Patek Philippe Ref. 3940P with Custom Dial

The Patek Philippe Ref. 3940P stands out as an exceptional timepiece highly sought after by collectors, primarily for its custom blue dial adorned with applied Breguet numerals. A closer examination of the sub-dial at 6 o'clock reveals the distinctive initials M-S-O printed in white ink, providing clear evidence of the special request made by Michael S. Ovitz, a distinguished Patek Philippe collector. Ovitz, renowned for his role as a talent agent for Hollywood stars such as Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, later ascended to the position of the former president of the Walt Disney Company. As a privileged patron of the Swiss brand, Ovitz commissioned multiple Patek Philippe watches with personalized dials, many of which have subsequently graced auction platforms.

Launched in 1985 and discontinued in 2007, the Ref. 3940 continues to hold a revered status among collectors, serving as a significant reference in the modern history of Patek Philippe. The prestige of the 3940 is further elevated by the noteworthy choice of Philippe Stern, the then head of the company, who opted to make this model his everyday timepiece.

The Ref. 3940, along with its sibling reference, the Ref. 3970 perpetual calendar chronograph, made its debut in the mid-1980s, a period marked by the scarcity of complicated wristwatches and the gradual resurgence of mechanical timepieces.

The remarkable slimness of the watch, measuring a mere 9 mm, is attributed to the Cal. 240-Q movement, featuring a 22k gold micro-rotor. The design of the dials, consistent with many Patek Philippe references, underwent evolution over the 20 years of production, resulting in three distinct series and featuring some rare variations. The current example exemplifies a late-second series, as indicated by the cross-hair pattern on the sub-dial at 3 o'clock.

In summary, the Patek Philippe Ref. 3940P encapsulates timeless elegance, a rich brand history, and a special bond between Patek Philippe and esteemed collectors like Michael S. Ovitz.


Michael Steven Ovitz - Influential Hollywood Figure and Patek Philippe Collector

Michael Steven Ovitz, widely acknowledged as the most powerful figure in Hollywood throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, held the prestigious position of President at Walt Disney from 1995 to 1997. Beyond his profound impact on the entertainment industry, Mr. Ovitz was also recognized for his exceptional taste as an avid collector.

With a collecting journey spanning 35 years, Mr. Ovitz distinguished himself not only as a connoisseur but as one of the select few to have Patek Philippe create special request watches personalized with his own initials gracing the dial. His bespoke collection comprised various references, each crafted from different metals and featuring one-of-a-kind dials.

In praising the craftsmanship of Patek Philippe's workshop, Mr. Ovitz remarked, "They were terrific and accommodated everything I wanted." This statement underscores the collaborative and personalized approach that Patek Philippe, known for its commitment to excellence, extended to a collector of Mr. Ovitz's stature.

The watches commissioned by Mr. Ovitz, with his initials elegantly placed on the dial, not only represent a unique collaboration between an influential collector and a renowned watchmaker but also stand as tangible testaments to the artistry and flexibility of Patek Philippe in fulfilling the desires of its esteemed clientele.