Monaco, Jul 19, 2018

LOT 31

PORSCHE 911 BY ORLINSKI L'artiste contemporain Richard Orlinski dévoile une création unique : Porsche 911 by Orlinski. La voiture, au design entièrement repensé par le plasticien français, sera proposée à la vente aux enchères célébrant les 55 ans de la Porsche 911 et de la Rolex Daytona, organisée à Monaco le 19 juillet prochain. powered by Centres Porsche Paris/Monaco It was in 2004 that Richard Orlinski decided to devote himself fully to art. Steeped in pop culture, the artist creates a colorful world inspired by the most savage animals and by iconic objects that have marked their generations. Driven by a desire to make art accessible to the greatest number of people possible, Richard Orlinski is an impassioned artist who has overcome many obstacles and who constantly strives to reinvent himself. He is committed to popularizing art in order to produce an immediate emotional response in both children and adults. Far from the dictates of the world of contemporary art, the artist's works scream out for him! A lover of art in all of its forms, the sculptor shatters conventional notions and does not hesitate to embrace new forms of artistic expression. Driven by a global and universal vision, he is eager to explore different realms such as sculpture, design, music, live shows... Richard Orlinski's art can be seen in over 90 galleries in France and abroad and he has held the title as the best-selling French contemporary artist in the world since 2015 (Source: Art Price). Passionate about sports and cars, the sculptor Richard Orlinski reveals a unique creation inspired by a mythical car: the Porsche 911 by Orlinski. VERBATIM RO "I am very honored to have, on the occasion of this 55th anniversary, revisited this exceptional car, the Porsche 911, to make it a unique work, marked by our two DNAs. On one hand, that of Porsche, a world of prestige and excellence, and on the other hand mine, a graphic world with bright colors ". The Porsche 911 by Orlinski combines the arty codes of the pop and colorful universe of the artist with the power and velocity of each of his works, echoing the values of sport. A Porsche 911 with interior and exterior, completely redesigned by the contemporary artist! The car, unique model, has the design and faceted appearance that we found on each of the artist's sculptures. To achieve this result, it took more than 500 hours of hard work to materialize what Orlinski Design teams had imagined. One of the biggest technical challenges was to render the body car fully uniform when touching it, and so despite its eleven layers of paint! On the inside, the Porsche 911 by ORLINSKI, reuses the famous yellow "Porsche Vitesse" of the body car and reveals, in a very finely way, an embellishing of the seats and of the belts'supports. A very specific color that is also found on the hoop of the car. All profits from the sale will be donated to the association Les Rois du Monde whith Richard Orlinski as the vice- president. The association works within hospitals to fulfill the dreams of sick children and allow them to escape their daily lives.

EUR 185,000 - 230,000

Sold: EUR 233,800

Brand Porsche


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