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New York, Apr 17, 2008

LOT 20

Commemorative Coin ?Hans Wilsdorf? Commemorative fine gold coin, mounted in a leather folder inscribed: Hans Wilsdorf, founder of Montres Rolex S.A., 1881?1981.

USD 1,000 - 1,500

EUR 650 - 1,000

Sold: USD 2,100

This coin was minted for Rolex to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Hans Wilsdorf. The coin features a portrait of Hans Wilsdorf and the inscription: Hans Wilsdorf - 22 III 1881 - 6 VII 1960. Included are a dedication to Hans Wilsdorf, writing pad, pencil, a 14K yellow gold tie tack and a watch cleaning cloth with the Rolex ?Jubilee? design. In very good condition

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Grade: A