Monaco, Jul 19, 2018

LOT 38

ROLEX 6263 "PAUL NEWMAN PANDA" Mark II Very rare and lightly attractive stainless steel oyster winding chronograph wristwatch with Paul Newman Panda dial. Mark II " Millerighe " pushers. Rarissime et superbe chronographe oyter Paul Newman Panda, bracelet en acier. Boîtier rond. Couronne et fond vissés. Poussoirs vissés mark II " Millerighe ". Lunette noire avec échelle tachymétrique. Cadran " Panda " avec 3 compteurs. Mouvement mécanique à roue à colonnes calibre 727.

Brand Rolex

Model Daytona

Reference Ref. 6263/6241

Year 1971

Bracelet Rolex Oyster riveted stainless steel 7205, end links 57, buckle stamped 2.70

Numbers Case N. 2987921

Caliber 727

Dimensions 37,55

Signature case, dial and movement.

EUR 350,000 - 550,000

Watches are submitted to a premium of:
Until 250.000 €: 28.80% TTC. (24% HT)
From 250.001 to 999.999 €: 24%TTC. (20% HT)
Major of 1.000.000 €:15% TTC. (12,5% HT)

Vehicles are submitted to a premium of:
Until 50.000 €: 18% TTC. (15% HT)
Major of 50.000 €: 15% TTC. (12,5% HT)

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›› Restored or repainted dials regarded as protective measures and not as vices will not be reported. The conditions of the bracelets and the water resistance of the screwed-back watches are not guaranteed, and neither are the deployment clasps and tang buckles. It is important to note most of the waterproof watches have been opened to identify the type and quality of the movement. ›› There is no guarantee the watches are still resistant to water and it is recommended to consult your watchmaker before using the item. ›› Dimensions of the watches are provided for information purposes only. ›› Absence of any indication of the existence of restoration work or of an accident by no means exempt the jewelry from having a defect. ›› Precious and semi-precious stones may have been subject to treatments with the intention to showcase them. (i.e: oil treatment of emeralds, heat treatment for rubies and sapphires, whitening of pearls). ›› These treatments are traditional and accepted by the jewels international market ›› Considering the rise of new treatments, the stones submitted to the auction with no certificates will be sold without guarantees about the treatment. ›› It shall be stated that the origin of the stones and their quality (color and purity of the diamonds) reflect the opinion of the laboratory issuing the certificate. No claim will be accepted in case another laboratory gives another opinion, and will in no way engage the responsibility of the auctioneer and expert. ›› The jewelry advertised in our catalogue as yellow-gold or white-gold with no hallmark are always in gold 18K, that is 750%Åã— Gold 14K: 585%Åã—Gold 9k: 375%Åã (Charts) ›› Relining, inlay work and varnishing are considered a protective measure and not a vice, they will not be reported. Dimensions are provided for information purposes only.
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The French state is entitled to use preemption right on any works of art presented at the auction, by order of the Minister in charge of culture after the hammer stroke. The State shall have a period of 15 days from the date of the sale to confirm its preemption right. In case of confirmation, the French state shall be subrogated in the buyer’s position.
Compte : SAM MONACO LEGEND GROUP Banque : BPMED MONACO ENTREPRISES IBAN. : MC58 1460 7007 6460 9218 9452 273 BIC : CCBPMCM1XXX Compte N. : 60921894522

Sold: EUR 427,400

Grading System
Case: 2-8

Very good

Slightly scratched

Movement: 3*


Overhaul recommended, at buyer's expense

Dial: 2-01

Very good

HANDS Original


The 'Paul Newman' has become one of the most fashionable and demanded vintage wristwatches on the market today. The 'Panda' is perhaps the most sought after of the 'Paul Newman' series and when the case is oyster, this is the Graal. The present example is considered a MK 2, is fresh to the market and in outstanding, original and very charismatic condition. The dial is a MK 2, where the serifs to the 'Rolex' signature is more importante than older generations and the 'Oyster Cosmograph' signature has a lot of serifs on the contrary of the MK1. The watch also still retains its original MK1 pushers and bracelet stamped for 2/70. It is so rare for all components of a vintage Rolex to be original. Furthermore the case is in a very good condition with sharp edges and milled finish and features incredibly crisp numbers in between the lugs. *Rolex launches the reference 6263 and the 6265, in 1969 replacing the first "Oyster" chronograph, the reference 6240 which appeared in 1965. The references 6263 and 6265 were published in stainless steel or gold and included the calibre Valijoux 727.The case back stamped 6241 is correct, that early reference 6263s were fitted with the leftover case backs of references 6241 and 6239. Le fond de boîte gravé 6241 est correct. En effet les premières références 6263 étaient munies des fonds de boîtes restants. Références 6241 et 6239. La 'Paul Newman' est devenu l'une des montres bracelets vintage les plus à la mode et les plus demandées sur le marché aujourd'hui. La 'Panda' est peut-être le plus recherché de la série 'Paul Newman' et quand il s'agit d'une " Oyster " alors ça devient le Graal. Le présent exemple est considéré comme un MK 2, est pour la première fois en vente aux enchères et dans un état exceptionnel, original et très charismatique. Le cadran est un MK 2, où la sérigraphie de la signature 'Rolex' est plus importante que les générations plus anciennes et la signature 'Oyster Cosmograph' a beaucoup de " serifs " à l'inverse du MK1. La montre conserve également ses poussoirs MK1 d'origine et son bracelet estampillé 2/70. Il est si rare que tous les composants d'une Rolex vintage soient originaux. De plus, le boîtier est en très bon état, avec des arêtes vives et une finition polishée, de plus elle présente une gravure des chiffres incroyablement nets entre les cornes. *Rolex lance la référence 6263 et la 6265, en 1969 en remplacement du premier chronographe "Oyster", la référence 6240 qui est apparu en 1965. Les références 6263 et 6265 ont été publiées en acier inoxydable ou en or et comportaient le calibre Valijoux 727.