Geneva, May 08, 2022

LOT 255


CHF 10,000 - 20,000

EUR 9,900 - 19,800 / USD 10,800 - 21,500 / HKD 85,000 - 170,000

Sold: CHF 15,000

Extremely fine and rare 18Kgold, keyless pocket chronometer with 34-minute Carrousel regulator and chronograph with 30-minute instantaneous recorder. Chronograph activated by depressing the winding crown.

Grading System
Grade: AAA


Case: 3


Movement: 3*


Overhaul recommended, at buyer's expense

Dial: 3-01


HANDS Original

Brand smith and son, England

Model Carrousel

Year London hallmarks for 1913

Movement No. 162-10

Material 18K yellow gold

Diameter 57 mm.

Caliber Glazed, 20"', ebauche by Bahne Bonniksen frosted and gilt, three-quarter plate, 19 jewels, pointed-tooth lateral lever escapement with gold wheel, cut bimetallic balance with gold screws, balance spring with terminal curve. Bonniksen 34 minute Carrousel regulator.

Signature Dial, case and movementwith hallmark on the case ‘’S.S’’ (Samuel Selin)

Accessories copy of the invention patent No. 7965 from Mister Bahne Bonniksen dated of the 27 January 1894.


Case back engraved with a crest and the motto: Aspiro

Carousel regulator
A revolving escapement that is designed to reduce position errors in a watch and is mounted in a carriage similar to that of a tourbillion but differs from it in its slower speed of rotation and in having the fourth wheel contained inside the carriage.

Bonniksen, Bahne (1859-1935)
Danish watchmaker based in Coventry (Warwickshire) near Birmingham in England. Bahne Bonniksen built in the late 19th century watches, known as “carrousel” watches (British patent No. 21 421 of November 24, 1892; Swiss patent No. 7 965 of January 27, 1894), in which the carriage is driven not by the second-wheel but by the medium-wheel; its rotation is 52 minutes and 30 seconds. Bonniksen then produces “carrousel” watches with a centre-seconds hand driven by a carriage that rotates in 34 minutes, then, as early as 1903, tourbillon watches with a cage rotation of 39 minutes.