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Hong Kong, Nov 27, 2016

LOT 142

HANNES SCHMID COWBOY #50 - COWBOY LEADING TWO HORSES Hannes Schmid, painted in 2010. Oil on Canvas, depicting a cowboy on horseback, holding two other horses on reigns in a landscape consisting of dried ochre-colored stalks, dark firs, and snow- covered mountains.The horizon ends along the line of the foreshortened bodies of the horses. The manes blow in the vast skies, and the cowboy leading his animals in this great blue interspersed with bright clouds heightens the scene's inherent lightness. This feeling is reinforced by the color scheme reduced to greens, blues, and yellows. Man, animal, and landscape form a unity beyond the present time. In the eternity of the landscape, man takes care of his flock, which, in turn, follows him and trusts in the paths taken.

HKD 2,000,000 - 2,800,000

USD 258,000 - 361,000 / CHF 247,000 - 346,000

Sold: HKD 2,320,000

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Signed by artist on back of canvas. DIM. LENGTH 120 cm. x WIDTH 180 cm. In excellent condition. Shown at various exhibitions including the Persterer Contemporary Fine Art, Zurich, Switzerland. HANNES SCHMID (B. 1946 -) Born in Zurich Switzerland, he started his career as a photographer at a young age developing his skills through global travels from Africa to East Asia and to countless exotic locations in between. Over several decades, his work covers subjects in all genres: geographical, cultural and social phenomena. Following his travels, he turned his focus to the music industry. From the late 1970s through the mid 1980s, he toured with and captured iconic images of over 250 bands worldwide including many celebrated musicians of the time such as ABBA, The Rolling Stones,Queen and Frank Zappa. A perpetual master of reinvention, SCHMID again shifted gears in the mid 1980s and became fascinated with the fashion and advertising worlds. His major recognition came in 1993 when PHILIP MORRIS, the American tabacco giant, approached him to collaborate for their global advertising campaign showcasing the strong and masculine imagery of cowboys associated with the Marlboro brand. Since 2003, Schmid has started a new chapter of his career by translating photography into photo-realistic paintings from his large photo archive spanning over 40 years.