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Hong Kong, Oct 27, 2018

LOT 381


HKD 30,000 - 38,000

CHF 3,750 - 4,700 / USD 3,800 - 4,800

Sold: HKD 50,000

18K yellow gold, open-face, early self-winding, round-shaped, pocket watch with centre-seconds and decorated dial with the motto "Non plus ultra"

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Grading System
Grade: AAA


Case: 3


Movement: 3*


Overhaul recommended, at buyer's expense

Dial: 2-01-03

Very good

HANDS Original

HANDS Period

Brand Unsigned

Year circa 1780-1785

Case No. 2 820

Caliber 18''' gilded brass, with going barrel, cylinder escapement (brass wheel); gilded metal winding WEIGHT pivoted on the edge of the back-plate, banking springs fixed on each side

Dimensions Ø 54 mm.


Similar watches: Antiquorum, Geneva, October 20, 1991, lot 305, sold for the amount of CHF 39 100. Early self-winding watches: Since the publication of the works of Alfred Chapuis and Eugène Jaquet, this model of self-winding watch is attributed to Moÿse Gevril (Le Locle, 1749-?), watchmaker living at Crêt-Vaillant du Locle (1952, pp. 179-180; 1956, pp. 188-190). The watch mentioned in these two books bears his name engraved with an etching needle but is also fitted with a barrel spring bearing the signature and date “DL 9 c January 14, 1781”, probably for Daniel Henry Lequeureux, maker of springs barrel, living Cret du Locle, also working for Philippe DuBois (1738-1808), between 1782 and 1797. In the recent literature, Jean-Claude Sabrier illustrates three similar watches, unsigned, which he attributes to this workshop (2011, pp. 160-173), while Richard Watkins brings some additional information (2013, p. 53, pp. 144-145; 2016, pp. 55-56, pp. 164-165). Our watch is the fourth known example of this type. In the absence of further details, we also attribute this watch to this watchmaker active in Le Locle, especially as its case is stamped with Neuchâtel “chevrons” hallmark, knowing now that the ebauche is probably from the workshops of Philippe DuBois. Bibliography Chapuis, Alfred, & Jaquet, Eugène, La montre automatique ancienne, un siècle et demi d’histoire, 1770-1931, Neuchâtel, Editions du Griffon, 1952. Chapuis, Alfred, & Jaquet, Eugène, The History of the Self-Winding Watch, 1770-1931, London, Editions B. T. Batsford, 1956. Flores, Joseph, Perpétuelles à roue de rencontre ou Montres automatiques, une page d’histoire, analyse d’un document de l’Académie française de 1778 et de ses conséquences historiques, Besançon, Editions Néo, 2001. Sabrier, Jean-Claude, La montre à remontage automatique, XVIIIe