Geneva, Nov 07, 2021

LOT 348


CHF 20,000 - 40,000

HKD 170,000 - 338,000 / USD 21,700 - 43,400 / EUR 18,700 - 37,300

Sold: CHF 47,500

Very fine and rare, 18K gold pocket watch with automata. Automaton scene depicting three multicolored gold Cupids forging their love arrows; two hammering and the third maintaining the fire, the background painted on enamel with a rural landscape. Polished case with glazed back to see the automaton.

Grading System
Grade: AAA


Case: 3


Movement: 3-8


Slightly scratched

Dial: 3-71-03



HANDS Period

Brand Unsigned

Year Circa 1800

Movement No. 6198

Diameter 58 mm

Caliber 22’’’, frosted gilt, full plate, inverted train, fusee and chain, verge escapement with micrometric potence adjustment, brass three-arm balance mounted between the front plate and the dial, flat blued steel balance spring, regulation lever in the dial plate, the automata train constructed in the manner of a repeating train and activated by lever at 6h00.

Signature Movement and Dial numbered


“The Forge of Love” is one of the most charming of Genevan automaton watches made in the early 19th century. Venus’ son Cupid and his companions are working at a forge-perhaps that of Venus’ husband Vulcan-to create their love arrows. Cupid (Eros)was the son of Venus. He was her constant companion; and with his bow and arrow, shot darts of love and desire into the bosoms of both gods and men. Even Venus became a victim of Cupid. One day, while playing with her son, Venus was accidentally wounded by one of his arrows. She thought nothing of it, but the wound was deeper than it appeared, and before it had fully healed she saw Adonis and fell in love with him. Completely smitten, Venus absented herself even from heaven, for Adonis was dearer to her than anything. She, who used to love to recline in the shade, with no care but to cultivate her charms, now followed Adonis everywhere, rambling through the woods and over the hills, dressed in a huntress’ garb. Such was the power of the arrows forged in the Forge of Love.