Geneva, Nov 06, 2022

LOT 330


CHF 5,900 - 7,800

EUR 6,000 - 8,000 / USD 5,800 - 7,800 / HKD 45,600 - 61,000

Sold: CHF 7,500

Very fine 18K yellow gold, manual-winding, round-shaped, chronometer wristwatch, with centre-seconds and integrated bracelet.

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Grading System
Grade: AA

Very good

Case: 3-8


Slightly scratched

Movement: 3*


Overhaul recommended, at buyer's expense

Dial: 3-6-8-01


Slightly oxidized

Slightly scratched

HANDS Original

Brand Vacheron Constantin, Geneva

Model "Chronomètre Royal"

Year circa 1954

Movement No. 509191

Case No. 356817

Material 18K yellow gold

Bracelet integrated 18K yellow gold VC bracelet

Diameter 35 mm.

Length 180 mm. (approx.)

Caliber P 1008/BS, 19 jewels

Length 180 mm. (approx.)

Signature dial, case and movement


Vacheron Constantin, “Chronomètre Royal” (Royal Chronometer)

The name “Chronomètre Royal” was registered in Switzerland on May 28, 1907, under the No. 22 193. The “Royal Chronometer” name, for the English-speaking market, was registered in Switzerland on May 8, 1908, under the No. 23 872.

The first of these were a series of pocket watches delivered to Brazil. A certain Mr. A. Campos, one of Vacheron Constantin’s agents, had organized a lottery system in which subscribers would pay a monthly fee to take part in a series of draws. The holders of the winning tickets would be given a watch and the other subscribers would be entered into the next draw. This system proved to be so successful that A. Campos delivered a total of 3 022 watches between October 22, 1907, and December 31, 1911 – an amazing 80% of the production of the “Chronomètre Royal”, utilising the Cal. RA 22’73 made during this period.

As we can read in the Vacheron Constantin Archives, this series of watches was especially made for the South American Market, especially to Argentina.

The “Chronomètre Royal” was made in several sizes, from 12 to 22 lines, and was housed mostly in gold cases, and rarely in silver ones.

Later, in the 1960’s, the trademark was used for some hight quality self-winding wristwatches.