Geneva, May 15, 2023

LOT 288


CHF 7,000 - 14,000

EUR 7,200 - 14,300 / USD 7,900 - 15,800 / HKD 62,000 - 124,000

Sold: CHF 10,625

Very fine and rare 20K. gold and enamel pendant watch.
Painted on enamel case probably Augsburg, circa 1670, movement by Vaucher a Paris, circa 1770.

Grading System
Grade: AA

Very good

Case: 3-8-9


Slightly scratched


Movement: 3*


Overhaul recommended, at buyer's expense

Dial: 3-8-01


Slightly scratched

HANDS Original

Brand Vauchez a Paris, Germany

Year Circa 1670

Material 18K yellow gold

Diameter 35 mm.

Caliber 13''',Hinged, gilt brass full plate, cylindrical pillars, fusee and chain for the going train, verge escapement, plain three-arm brass balance, blued-steel balance spring, continental cock pierced and engraved , rack and pinion regulator with silver plate.

Signature Movement


The Judgement of ParisJuno, Minerva and Venus were in competition for the golden apple thrown by Eris (Discord) at the wedding feast of Thetis and Peleus; the apple bore the words 'for the most beautiful'. Each of the goddesses desired that the apple be given to her. Jupiter designated Paris, son of the Trojan King of Troy, as the judge. Each of the goddesses tried to influence him by promising him a present - Minerva promised wisdom, Juno, power, and Venus, the most beautiful woman in the world. Paris gave the appleto Venus.VaucherMaster in 1767, is listed as having been active in Paris, rue St Pierre aux Boeufs between 1769 and 1790.It was a common practice in the eighteenth century to replace the movement in a particularly expensive or beautiful watch case, in order to take advantage of technological advances in horology.


Lot 258 from '' The Sandberg Collection''
Published in the Sandberg book, pages 92-93.