Antiquorum’s Geneva, Hotel Des Bergues, 12th October 1996 Auction Totaled 6,351,580

The top lots for the auction are as follows:

LOT 644

Patel< Philippe & Cie, Geneve, No. 867857, case No. 672137, Ref. 2512, produced in 1950, sold on 14 July 1952. Exceptional and probably unique, large, 18I< yellow gold aviator's wristwatch with square button split-seconds chronograph, register and tachometer.

Sold for 795,500.00 CHF

Estimate CHF 0 - 0  

LOT 639

Patek Philippe & Cie. a Geneve, No. 197582, case No. 407957, sold to Tiffany & Co. in July 1921. Extremely fine and rare 18K gold, grande complication, moon phase astronomical, keyless minute repeating watch, carillon on three gongs, with perpetual calendar, split-seconds chronograph and instantaneous twice 30 minute recorder.

Sold for 234,500.00 CHF

Estimate CHF 170,000 - 190,000  

LOT 616

Patek Philippe
Ref. Ref. 3979

Sold for 190,500.00 CHF

Estimate CHF 180,000 - 200,000  

LOT 642

Patek Philippe
Ref. Ref. 2497

Sold for 174,000.00 CHF

Estimate CHF 80,000 - 100,000  

LOT 629

Piguet Meylan, Geneva, made for the Chinese Market, circa 1820. Extremely fine and rare 18K gold and enamel, pearl-set musical watch with centre seconds and automaton scene, in a gilt brass glazed protecting case with matching enamelled gold chain and key decorated en suite.

Sold for 165,200.00 CHF

Estimate CHF 140,000 - 160,000  

LOT 316

Breguet No. 4802, completed on 12 November 1925, sold to Monsieur J. Macque on 21 September 1928, for 17'000 Francs. Very fine and rare 18K gold, keyless quarter repeating, two time zone, moon phase astronomical watch with triple calendar, thermometer, and independent jumping dead split-seconds with subsidiary 1/5th second "foudroyante".

Sold for 157,500.00 CHF

Estimate CHF 100,000 - 120,000  

LOT 638

Patek Philippe
Ref. Ref. 2481

Sold for 135,500.00 CHF

Estimate CHF 120,000 - 140,000  

LOT 618

Patek Philippe
Ref. Ref. 1518

Sold for 119,000.00 CHF

Estimate CHF 90,000 - 110,000  

LOT 11

Ulysse Nardin, Locle & Geneve, C/n onotrMtre, No. 7581, case decorated by C.H. Jacot, specially made for the Chicago Exhibition of 1893. Extremely fine and unique 18K pink gold and silver, keyless minute repeating pocket chronometer with chronograph, in original leather shaped fitted box "AG 1881" Brevete S.G.D.G., accompained by a reproduction of the original Medal awarded at the Exhibition.

Sold for 113,500.00 CHF

Estimate CHF 100,000 - 120,000  

LOT 635

Fonnereau, Rochelle, circa 1650. Very fine and rare gilt-metal and rock crystal crucifix watch, in original silver protecting case, with original silver crank key.

Sold for 113,500.00 CHF

Estimate CHF 100,000 - 120,000